Student Presentations

March 11th, 2019

The ICoMPUte students got together to present the research they've done so far to each other. It was fun and interesting to hear about the wide range of research topics and the laboratorial and computational techniques used to study them. It was also a great opportunity for the students to practice their public speaking in an academic setting. Take a look at the presentation slides, available in the students' research blogs!

The Interdisciplinary Computation & Modeling research Program for Undergraduate students (ICoMPUte) seeks to promote molecular modeling as a research tool in Chemistry and related fields. The program normally lasts two semesters, during which students work in interdisciplinary teams on projects involving wet lab experiments as well as molecular simulations, computer code development, and chemical physics theory & models.

The program is managed by the Department of Chemistry at Brooklyn College. A small stipend is provided to qualified students. The program is supported by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation.

Students in laboratory sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and Physics, as well as Math, Computer Science and Engineering are encouraged to apply. Students interested in chemistry laboratory work are expected to have completed Organic Chemistry II laboratory. Applications from CUNY students not at Brooklyn College are encouraged.

For further questions and eligibility criteria please contact Prof. Emilio Gallicchio, egallicchio@brooklyn.cuny.edu.