Receiving the DCP grant has opened up many more resources for our other grade levels to take advantage of and experience. The schools' labs were less crowded and more slots opened up for blended learning for grades third, fourth, and sixth. Existing mobile carts were more evenly distributed.

Copy of Hedghogs-Rivera 3rd grade
ALLISON BROWN - Compare/Contrast/Partner-Rivera
Copy of Vocab Unit 3 Week 2

Third grade used G Suite to make vocabulary easier to understand, collaborate, and combine all words together in one accessible slide show for peers to study or refer. It is also a fun way to cover a variety of mammals in comparing and contrasting lessons. It allows the students to share and "BE" the teacher.

Florida’s Symbols
Sixth grade-- Hammurabi’s Code: Was It Just?

Fourth graders learned about Florida's history using mobile devices to research and compile important information on one document where they have access to one click sharing with classmates or teachers. They also took surveys as an exit slip to help the teacher get an idea if students mastered the standard.

Copy of Force and Motion Vocabulary

Students can comment on each other's work

Sixth grade-- Hammurabi’s Code: Was It Just?

Sixth Grade created a whole vocabulary lesson on one document. Everyone contributed one word to the slides program and then was posted on google classroom. Hard words are easier to understand with visual effects. The collaboration tool within G Suite allows the students to comment on the document without disrupting the classroom with unnecessary out loud discussions.