Meadowlane Intermediate

The 2016-17 school year, Meadowlane Intermediate was awarded a grant to promote digital classroom learning. Our fifth grade classes received a mobile laptop cart. With laptops in the classroom, students have enhanced their learning through visual media: mundane book reports come alive, digital study guides are never lost, and sky's the limit with creativity!

Our fearless fifth grade teachers introduced our fifth graders to the world of digital learning. Students easily transitioned into digital learning through access to google suites with signed cloud forms. Also a powerful collaboration tool, students interact with each other from across the classroom or from home. Teachers now can set up virtual google classrooms and assign work to the students and give real time feedback. Students conduct visual presentations that grab their audience's attention.

As a result of the grant, teachers received professional development so they could take advantage of this new, exciting, interactive way of teaching. Some of our teachers even dabbled in creating online tests to try and break up the monotony of the standard paper and pencil classroom testing. Many students are so engaged in the learning process they actually forget they are learning. Meadowlane is proud to showcase some of our Mustang creations.