Seva Sangha Projects

Get involved, be happy, and grosw spiritually. We welcome Sevaks (volunteers) and donations.

You are welcome to come help us make a little paradise for the benefit of all in the above mentioned projects as well as running the ashram (organic farming & gardening, house painting & maintenance, construction, teaching in Play School & English for kids & adults cleaningm cooking, office & computer work). Long and short term stays, minimum 2 weeks, & daily Seva with lunch.

Organic Farm

Shankar Prasad ashram is located on 2½ acres of coconut grove and rice paddy field, where we also produce large crops of groundnuts (peanuts). We grow many different types of fruit and vegetables, including pineapple, papaya, bananas, mango, starfruit, radish, and spinach. We eat our own rice and we are 100 % organic, don’t use any pesticides, and make our own fertilizer and compost. Volunteers with knowledge on tropical agriculture, on preservation local wild and ayurvedic herbs, as well as donations.

Expected donation: Rs. 2,000/- per month

English teaching in our "Muddu Play School" and in local Primary and High Schools

In June 2013, we opened the Muddu Play School for local children aged 2.5 to 5 years. It is a dual-language program (Kannada, the local language of the state of Karnataka, and English), open to all. We provide scholarships for little children whose parents cannot afford towards tuition, funded by the dakshina of donors locally and abroad. It is a way to unlock doors of opportunity for their future.

Contribute to bilingual schools for local children, regardless of castes of social position. We need volunteer English teachers, staying a minimum of one month for Muddu Play School; June-April (11 months) for High School; Holidays camp April-May. Looking for experts in their field for children. Educational donations are welcome either for scholarship or building a new tricycle path in Muddu Play School.

Expected donation:

From Rs. 6000/- to 10,000/- per child per year

Rs. 75,000/- for tricycle path plus 3-4 tricycles


We give sponsorships to needy children to help them come up in life thru their education.

Our ashram also sponsors a monthly group clean-up with both locals and volunteers.

Yoga Teaching

Yoga teachers have the opportunity to teach in our ashram, especially from Satyananda Bihar Yoga Tradition. We give yoga Therapy to children with Special Needs. Our aim is to help the local community and children through yoga and meditation. We also organise children's holiday camps in April and May. Volunteers and donations are more than welcome for these programs.

Expected donation:

Rs. 2,000/- per month for yoga therapy transport.

Dog Sterilization Project

Land is available for a dog sterilization clinic in order to curb the dog population explosion. We need somone to start it and volunteers to help run it, as well as funds to build it. We welcome volunteers and vets to keep it running. We help with programs which are only run during January, February, and March. All other months are intermittent. This project deals with befriending, collecting, and minding stray dogs after operation.

Expected donation per dog:

Around Rs. 3,000/-

Waste Management

We practice & give community education in waste management reclycing at home, and aim to inspire people to make Gokarna clean & green and reviving the historic and spiritual vibrations of this ancient pilgrimage town.

We have started an ongoing effort to keep the neighborhood clean from trash and debris. We have installed trash depositories in the neighborhood near the ashram and in the surrounding area. Our volunteers perform weekly clean-ups in Bankikodla and at Ram Temple in Gokarna, as well as weekly garbage collection. Since the beginning of our efforts, we have noticed a decline in the amount of trash around the village, resulting in less trash (plastic) being burned.

We have been running regular clean-ups of local beaches and temples. Now our aim is to make Bankikodla a modela as a rural village for effective was management. We want to start education on waste management in schools and colleges so that children became the ambassadors of a clean green future.

We welcome volonteers with technical expertise including education to increase awareness of impact of waste on nature and the alternative available such as profitable waste recycling,

Any donations welcome.

Saving sacred springs

In 2017, Shankar Prasad Ashram worked with the Gokarnan community to focus on the spitirual heritage of the holy springs. Two teerthams (sacred springs) were cleaned and restored to their former sanctity by locals, as Gayatri Theert.

We promote saving the sacred springs (teerths), preservation and enhancement of heritage buildings, honouring traditions and handicraft & organic farming skills. Shankar Prasad is happy to support them. We welcome volunteers to help clean up.

Women upliftment

We enjoy working with local women's community to teach yoga, english, sewing, preparing healthy snacks, hygiene, let them know about their rights and duties for example... Please join us if you have any skills in this

Any donations to buy a sewing machine.

Follow the ancient Pilgramage Path (Yatra)

We are looking for local knowledge of the ancient local Yatras to help us revivec the ancient pilgramage way, linking the many teerthams and temples in Gokarna. We also want to complete a map. In conjunction with the local goverment and temple priests, we hope to restore the path with signs posts to make a pleasant journey for visitors, pilgrims and trekkers to follow in the footsteps of the ancients.

Water safety and swimming

We already held camps in CPR, water safety and swimming to bring attention to the numerous drwonings that happened on the beaches of Gokarna and surroundings.

We want to create a swimming culture in Gokarna by continuing our holiday camps, teaching children how to swim, and for this we welcome volunteers trained in CPR and swimming as well as those who can speak Kannada in order to translate.

Any donations welcome for swimming equipment