Welcome to Shankar Prasad, beautiful heritage home, ashram, spiritual retreat center, yoga and meditation school on 2 ½ acres of coconut grove and rice paddy organic farm. We are located on the West coast of India, near the ancient sea side pilgrimage town of Gokarna 135kms South of Goa, in the village of Bankikodla.

We seek to preserve the heritage of the local area and give back to the local community, through seva (voluntary work) to aid in our own spiritual growth.
Come be a part of the Shankar Prasad family and enjoy the experience of living in a spiritual community!


Sat 30th Jan to Sat 27th Feb 2021

Become an excellent Yoga Nidra Teacher with Swamiji's full expert guidance and personalised training in all aspects of yoga nidra teaching as well as going deeper into Advanced Yoga Nidra. Register

Nurturing the attitude of gratitude