Unit 1 - Introduction to Science and Measurement

Unit 1 - 2019-2020 Core Physical Science calendar
2019 Perry Welcome PPT - Core Physical Science
2019 Core notes - Measurement and Metric

Daily Agendas

Here are this week's slides and agendas!

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Week 1 + 2 Packet

Here's the packet for our daily activities from August 21st to August 30th. Daily activities are subject to change! Check Google Classroom for daily assignments.

Week 1-2 Packet - Unit 1
Candle Lab walk through U1L2
FPS_candlelab u1L2
fps_intro_to_measurement u1n1
fps_u1n1 measurement
FPS u1h1 factor label method conversion homework

Book Pages for TAG Sheets

Chapter 1 book pages.pdf
Week 3 Packet - Unit 1

Week 3 Packet

Slides for this week are below.

GPS Introduction to Graphing PPT.pptx
Edited FPS Density Demonstration and notes u1n3

Test Prep

FPS Review Chapter 1 (1).pptx