Topic 3 - Periodicity

IB Chem I - Topic 3 2019-2020 calendar

Topic 3 notes are found at this Prezi presentation and within the daily agendas below.

Topic 3 2019 Perry Welcome PPT - IB CHEM

Topic 3.3 Packet Key

metal reactivity with replacement rxn IB Chem.docx

Lab: Reactivity of Metals in Replacement Reactions

Lab: Types of Chemical Reactions

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Two video assignments should automatically show up. Complete both. They will require you to watch the video and answer the questions correctly for credit. Listen and watch carefully as you get one shot at it.

The other assignment for Tuesday/Wednesday of Week 7 is a webquest document. You'll complete the Google doc as you work through the links and questions. Once you're done submit it on Google classroom. It should appear as an assignment for you by October 1st, due October 3rd.

Topic 3 Review Guide

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