Unit 9 - Classification of Matter & Periodic Trends

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Unit 9 HPS Classification of Matter &Trends 2019

Unit 9 Notes (filled in)


Classification of Matter WS

Phys and Chem Properties and Changes and KEY.pdf

Physical & Chemical Changes WS

Key included, to check your answers!

7 Classification of Matter-S.pdf

Classification of Matter POGIL

Student Copy

HPS 2019 physical changes lab.docx

Physical Changes Lab

HPS 2019 Chemical Change Lab.docx

Chemical Changes Lab

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Lewis Structures WS

WS - Alkali Metals Demo honors.docx

Alkali Metals Demo Sheet

15 Periodic Trends-S.pdf

Periodic Trends POGIL

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Unit 9 Review guide

Blank student version


Unit 9 Review guide KEY

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Periodic Trends WS & Key

Extra practice -- key to check your answers!


Periodic Trends Cheat Sheet

A list of all the trends you need to know, and how they change.

Trends Image Summary

Professor Dave explains the Periodic Table

This gets good around 1:25 minutes. Don't worry about the numbers or graphs he shows -- just focus on the overall trends.