Unit 7 - Waves, EMS, and Astronomy

Honors Unit 7 2018 calendar
Wave Diagram Review honors.docx

Waves worksheet

Homework from Wednesday night!

Waves, Sound, and Light2018.pptx

Waves notes slides

Note slides

Waves, Sound, and Light2018 student.pptx

Waves notes with blanks

Student version

[Template] Take Home Waves assessment

Take Home Waves quiz


Take Home Waves key

There is a mistake on #7 -- I multiplied by 2 instead of dividing by 2 for the final distance.

Resonance Lab - Graphical Analysis of Data.doc

Speed of Sound Resonance Lab

Review for Semester 1 Final


Review for Semester 1 Final KEY

HR Diagram online webquest

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Need to calculate what you need to score on the final to get the grade you want? Try this finals grade calculator. Our final is worth 20% of our grade, and you need to input your YTD grade as your current grade for accurate results. Below is our grading scale:

  • A is 89.5 and above
  • B is 79.5 and above
  • C is 69.5 and above
  • D is 59.5 and above