Unit 11 - Chemical Reactions

Honors Unit 11 2019 chemical reactions calendar
HPS Perry Unit 11 Agendas - Chemical Reactions

Daily Agendas

POGIL Quizzes:

percent_composition_and_empirical_formulae_practice notes.docx

Percent Composition & Empirical Formula Notes


Percent Composition and Empirical Formula practice

2 Empirical Formulas - S.pdf

Empirical Formulas POGIL

Bubble Gum Lab.pdf

Mini Lab: Composition of Gum

Percent Composition & Empirical Formulas Notes with Answers


Work Packet: This is for students who will be absent Wed-Fri (3/27-3/29)

Hydrate Lab

Molecular Formulae Notes

Balancing Equations & Mole Review

Simplest Formula Lab

Balancing Equations Game

Click here for Balancing Equations Game