Welcome to the information page for the tournament of nations! Here you'll find all the details that are important to it, including; the rules of it, how to sign up for it, the potential prizes, and anything else that may be important!


  • Every player will agree to play fairly; no out-of-game deals or tricks that will make the game less enjoyable.
  • There can only be ONE player per realm (i,e; De Jure France, England, Italy, etc.)
  • Each player must begin at the LOWEST-TIER POSSIBLE for said realm (i,e; Count-Level for Feudal, Non-Doge Merchant for Merchant Republic, etc.)
  • The minimum connection speed of a player must be 50 Megabits/Second as to ensure that the game speed can proceed at speed 3 throughout the tournament.
  • Players must not overuse the "pause" button; and once a player's pause runs out (30 seconds), any player is allowed to un-pause it.
  • The game will be held in IRONMAN MODE, which ensures that there will only ever be one save, and that cheating risks can be mitigated.