Shady Raven Studios is proud to hold special streams and events! We have many stretch goals, and each of these goals will result in a certain event being held. But on top of these events, we also have additional upcoming events such as;

The Tournament of Nations: This is an interesting one that was recommended by some colleagues who heard about the "Grand Tournament" below! It is a similar idea, but on a different game! Crusader Kings II. Just like the Grand Tournament, this one will have prizes, and will also take place over a long period of time!

When will this be held? - TBD (After hitting 500 subscribers on YouTube)

The Grand Tournament: The grand tournament is something that is entirely different to most events that will be held by Shady Raven Studios; it's a public tournament where people who pre-register will be able to sign up for a grand tournament of the strategy game "Europa Universalis IV", all the players will be eligible for rewards, and this tournament will take place over many months, so look forward to it!

When will this be held? - TBD (After hitting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube)

The Record Stream: This stream is one that has already been achieved via stretch goal (reach 500 followers over Twitch). The purpose of this stream is to gain the record for the longest-lasting Minecraft Stream, and potentially even the longest stream ever. The current plans are for it to be held at a minimum of 48 hours, possibly even longer. (Ahdam is suggesting it be 72 Hours+, but that doesn't count; he doesn't sleep much.)

When will this be held? - TBD

The Trump Dump: This is a special stream that would be dedicated to the (failure) of a U.S. president. It will be hosted by Ahdam & his Canadian friends with the purpose of simulating his entire presidency using the amazingly in-depth simulator, "Geo-Political Simulator 4."

When will this be held? - TBD