You've found our twitch section! Congratulations! A little backstory here; we initially started as a Twitch channel; AhdamEDour, and then created Shady Raven Studios following the first channel becoming popular enough through many streams! After a while, the team grew and more people became a part of it. So we decided that if we all wanted to stream together, we'd move over to YouTube to be able to record multiple perspectives!

With that in mind... we're starting to return to Twitch slowly! Any time we find an opportunity to stream on it, we will be going for it, as we want to build up both channels!

Now that you've taken the time to read all of the boring text above, please feel free to also click the link to the right of this text. Yes. The box over there. Click it! And follow! We do giveaways on Twitch as well!