Hey! So, most of the members of Shady Raven Studios participate in weekly tabletop sessions with each other (think along the style of Dungeons & Dragons). However, the host is always Ahdam E. Dour, "The Raven" and he is quite definitely the cruelest being on the planet. That being said... the system that he created, "The Legacy System" is a alternate to the traditional D&D games, as it can be easily adapted and changed to fit any concept or idea! It revolves around RP and eliminates the existence of levels in the traditional sense. In short, it means that a new player, with enough luck and innovation, can beat a god.

Anyways! The plan is simple; an ongoing tabletop session that will be recorded and uploaded! Although there are many concepts that have been created and tested out, so picking one for the series is going to be difficult. Any input is helpful!

The concepts:

  • *The Apastron Programme:

Humanity has finally reached the point whereupon they are able to travel beyond the Heliosphere of the Sol System. The players will be a part of the fateful crew that will represent humanity as a whole to the galaxy. What could go wrong?

  • *A Quest of Fates:

The age of the gods, a world known yet unknown. Mortals are but mere pawns of the gods, trying to survive throughout an ever changing world... would these mortals serve the divines, or try to revolt? Based on the imagination of the Raven, it is anything but merciful.

  • Star Wars: The Unknown Regions:

Set in a random period of Galactic History, the session is completely randomised - it uses most of the knowledge from the "Legends" timeline, ignoring the Neo-Canon, to allow for more freedom and customisation based on events that transpire in the randomised period.

  • †Gundam: Exploration Century:

Humanity has divided into dozens of factions; each vying to be the most powerful. Over a hundred years have passed since the last major conflict, but can this peace remain while the greed of some humans grows stronger?

  • †Naruto: Age of Conflict:

Set during the second great ninja war and beyond; students strive to survive in a world of conflict, aiming to serve their countries... or flee and become missing nin.

  • *Twisted Sands: The Apocalypse:

Fifty years have passed since the collapse of society caused by the impact event. Most of the world's knowledge has been lost, except in certain pockets that survived. Adventurers travel, aiming to rebuild society.

  • *The Collapse: The Last War:

The world is in an era of conflict. The Russo-American war has been going on for thirty years, with no end in sight. India and Italy were the first to fall due to their neutrality. Germany and Japan have relight old alliances in an attempt to use technology to survive. Europe barely holds, Africa has been glassed, and the states of Alaska, Texas, and California have been captured.

  • †Dragon Ball: Unlimited:

Age 2302; over 1501 years after the supposed deaths of Vegeta and Goku. The players are from varying species and sub-species. In this, there is no apparent goal except what the players can imagine doing! Explore? Conquer? Fight? Do it all!

  • *Alpha: Origin of Change:

The world has become a victim of a virus that has a 95% mortality rate. Roughly 10% of the worlds population has been infected; of these, the ones who don't die seem to have become imbued with varying abilities and powers. Nobody is quite certain as to where the virus came from, only that it came about a few days after an explosion in the central United States - viewed as a possible terrorist activity. All that is known for certain aside from this is that power in the wrong hands is power that must be stopped.

  • †A Tale of Ice and Fire: From Ashes to Flames:

8,250 years before the conquest by Aegon I Targaryan; players find themselves in a world where dragons and magic exist, where anything can happen. Like other concepts, this one is entirely open-ended, allowing players to do whatever they want, however they want. Explore the world starting from nothing; go west to Westeros, east to the Dothraki Sea, or beyond? Do whatever you wish! Become a master of your own fate.

† = A creation based on a universe that already exists; we at Shady Raven Studios take no credit or profit from anything related to these sessions, and will only play them for fun; nothing more. These systems merely follow the "Raven 1.0 Formula"

* = A 100% unique creation by Shady Raven Studios, the basis for the 1.0 Formula. Each are available to anyone who asks, for no cost at all.