Hey there! Welcome to the Shady Raven Studios website! You probably stumbled over here by accident... seriously, how'd you get here? The website isn't even fully functional yet and you managed to get here? We need to talk this out thoroughly... *pulls out a chair* are you here for business or trolling? Meh...

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Here on the left you'll find the calendar. This calendar includes any special events, and of course; the streaming schedule... which is;

  • Monday: Kris "Emu" Winks
  • Tuesday: Christian "Roadrunner" Meyer
  • Wednesday: Hawken "Hawk" Green
  • Thursday: Garrett "Robin" Goc-ong
  • Friday: Ahdam E. Dour, the "Raven"
  • Saturday: Kris "Emu" Winks
  • Sunday: Gergana "Starling" Peeva