Welcome one and all to the nest of freaks and geeks! Who are we? Shady Raven Studios! A group of Streamers, Gamers, YouTubers, Podcast Hosts, and much more! We're a fairly small group, and our content is improving over time. So please let us know if you have any ideas, requests, suggestions, or anything at all!

Streaming Schedule:

  • Monday: Mystery Monday! (Genre: Uh... Anything?)
  • Tuesday: Terror Tuesday! (Genre: Horrors, you find something scary with "T"!)
  • Wednesday: Wishful Wednesday! (Genre: Anything recommended throughout the week!)
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday! (Genre: Random, Yeah, original, right?)
  • Friday: Fainthearted Friday
  • Saturday: Shooter Saturday! (Genre: Shooters, Duh.)
  • Sunday: Sims Sunday! (Genre: Simulation, who would have guessed?)

Note: The schedule is dynamic and can always be changed based on what we feel like! But more often than not it will be followed!