What's this? Another page for staff members? Seriously?

Okay, let's get serious here. Shady Raven Studios is definitely interested in expanding its line of interests! We're not only into video game playing, but also planning to introduce new ideas! First and foremost; we're developing our own games! Woo! Let's see the existing staff we have for it, shall we?

Ahdam E. Dour, "The Raven":

  • Is anyone really surprised about this?
  • He doesn't have the patience to do a single thing and always wants diversification.
  • He's also insane.
  • Oh, and he's the writer, program director, and project manager for the three development projects going on.

Dante "Crow" Haven:

  • He's a former dog. No seriously. He is.
  • He's got a thing for a special someone who shall not be named.
  • He's the lead developer in terms of animation and physics for the development projects going on.
  • Seriously. He's the only other one on the project teams. Just him and Raven. He's SO screwed.