About Us:

Shady Raven Studios was founded as a group of like-minded individuals who decided to work together to make a (hopefully) successful streaming channel. The members were totally not blackmailed, threatened, or bribed to work with Ahdam... regardless of what they say. Now, there's four names listed below, time for you to play a little game; who's real and who isn't? Enjoy!

Here's a bit of information about each of the main members of the team:

Ahdam E. Dour, the "Raven"

  • The Founder and primary streamer of the team.
  • Currently living in Canada.
  • Travels regularly to meet people around the world.
  • Studies Business & Law.
  • Streams on his PS4 (Including VR) & PC.
  • Totally not evil or anything.

Kris "Emu" Winks

  • No, he doesn't wink a lot. That would be creepy.
  • The original co-streamer of the channel.
  • Likes planes. A lot. Probably because he's an emu and can't fly.
  • <Insert non-offensive comment here> <ignore previous comment... continue with insulting comments, people like those more>

Gergana "Starling" Peeva

  • The illustrious artist responsible for all the creative pieces that define the Shady Raven Crew.
  • May or may not be a figment of Ahdam's imagination. Only time will tell.
  • If the above comment is true; she is definitely the creative part of the imagination.
  • If the above (above?) comment is false; she's a great supporter and friend!