PreK to 5th grades

Spanish topics and textbooks.

Spanish Textbooks and Websites:

  • Teach them Spanish
  • Spanish I and II Skill Builders.
  • Spanish elementary (reproducible activities)
  • Calico Spanish (videos and stories)
  • Rockalingua Spanish (videos, games and stories)

PreK and Kindergarten topics:

Guardian Angel

ABC, Vowels


Numbers 1 to 10

Some animals

1st, 2nd and 3rd grades:

Guardian Angel

Spanish Greeting


More colors

Days of the week, months and Seasons

Numbers 1 to 40

More animals (ZOO, PETS)

Objects of the classroom


Some family members

Part of the house

Some Spanish adjectives

Fruits and some food

4th and 5th grades:

REVIEW: Guardian Angel colors, days of the week, months and seasons, animals.

Spanish Greeting

Numbers 1 to 100.

Objects of the classroom



More family members

Short stories (CALICO)

Part of the house

Some Spanish adjectives and prepositions.

In the City


Definite articles

Spanish questions