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South Glens Falls Central School District

Students and Families,

During these unprecedented times we are working to partner with families, students, and classroom teachers to provide learning resources as we navigate the next several weeks. Your child's teacher will be connecting with you directly to outline learning expectations while students are away from school.

There are a number of ways students can practice skills by accessing online resources, which include:

  • Participating in activities and/or lessons from classroom teachers

  • Reviewing materials and topics taught earlier this year

  • Previewing topics to be taught later this year

  • Exploring additional topics and materials of interest

Staying engaged with learning during the closure will help to minimize loss of learning. When school starts again, teachers will resume instruction, picking up from the last lessons taught in school.

Please refer to the tabs above for ideas, messages from teachers, and resources for your child.

Continue to check back on this site. It will be updated periodically.