Class Announcements

Welcome to the Third Grade!

Our second of three MAP Growth testing sessions this school year will be mainly in the mornings for the next two weeks according to the following schedule:

Week 2 (Jan 14-18): Grades 3-5

Week 3 (Jan 22-25): Grades K-2

Please be sure to arrive to school on time and reschedule any potential doctor's appointments that could conflict with your child's testing schedule.


In order to raise awareness about this great leader and all that MLK Jr. stood for,

students may come to school in cozy winter PJ's (No slippers please!) on

Friday, January 18th as a part of

"I Have a Dream Day".

SFX students will reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in a special way

on this coming Friday, before the holiday weekend.

Happy New Year!