Welcome to ELA!

Welcome to English Language Arts! This website will provide everything you need to know about the middle school ELA classes! Below are the classroom rules, grading information, late work policy, and demerit scale. You will find homework posted on your class's sidebar tab.

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Classroom Rules:

Classroom rules:

    • It should be noted that the following classroom rules were decided by every members of the class. The students of grades 6, 7, and 8 told me how they should behave in the classroom and it is their responsibility to hold true to these rules as they continue throughout the year.

    1. Listen to the teacher. Be respectful when he/she is talking.
    2. Listen to your classmates. What your classmates have to say is important and their ideas should be heard.
    3. Raise your hand quietly until called on.
    4. Line up quietly when transitioning between classes.
    5. Keep your hands to yourself. Do not touch other people or things that do not belong to you.
    6. No throwing things in class.
    7. Keep the classroom clean. Clean up your spills. Keep your things under your desk and out of the way of other people.
    8. No eating in the classroom, except for snack time or unless given permission by the teacher.
    9. Recycle, please! Label your non-reusable plastic water bottles so they are not left behind in class. paper and plastic should go in the recycle bin. Please do not attempt to recycle trash items, i.e. candy or food wrappers.
    10. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is Jesus' Golden Rule. There is no tolerance for bullying, both physical and verbal, in any classroom at St. Francis Xavier, including ELA.


Grading ELA assignments:

  1. Assessment Weighting
    • Homework, classwork, participation, etc. is considered a formative assessment – students learning by doing, often in dialogue with others, including classmates and parents
    • Tests, quizzes, alternative assessments are considered a summative assessment – students demonstrating what they know on their own. This may include major group work projects with individual accountability built in.
    • Tests/Projects (Final drafts of writing assignments) are weighted at 60%; Quizzes are 20%; Classwork 10%; and Homework 10%
  2. Students will also be expected to keep a Daily Writing Journal to be used in class only. This can be a single subject notebook or composition notebook.
    • (Whether each entry will be counted as classwork or if the whole journal will eb graded as a quiz will be announced shortly.)

Late Policy

Late policy

    • Students will have as many days as they were absent to complete the work they have missed. It is their responsibility to come to me or to contact friends in the class to obtain this work.
    • If the student was not absent, for every day late points will be taken from the assignment accordingly. Points deduction will vary depending on the assignment type. (TBA.)


Demerits will continue to be implemented in the classroom.

  • Three verbal warnings will be given. I record these warnings on the board. Once a student has 3 warnings, they will receive a demerit. Parents will be emailed.
  • Then, seats within the classroom may be moved, recess time may be taken, seats may be assigned at lunch, and various other privileges may be taken for the day.
  • If behavior continues, an email will be sent home and I will ask to meet or talk about the student's behavior.
  • If three demerits are received, the student will receive a detention. I would also like to meet with the parents at this point to discuss behavior.