Class Announcements

Welcome to the 4th grade!


Have a great vacation! A few things to note:

*There are no Khan minutes required for next week. Students should be at 360 minutes by the end of this week.

*Reading logs are to completed for two weeks (180 minutes or 3 hours in total).

*Please return the math midyear test so I can keep them on file to better help your child's strengths and weaknesses in math.

*Over break, I would like students to start thinking about an appropriate chapter book they can read for an upcoming project. I will need to approve the books upon return from vacation. You can use the MAP test results for a Lexile level as a guideline as to what may be appropriate for your child. I told the children to think about a book that is not too easy and slightly challenging.

*Speaking of MAP testing, the winter results are in your child's Friday folder this week. I also included an strength and weakness slip as well. Below are attached to additional papers that you should read pertaining to how to read the results and other important notes some particularly pertaining to Grade 4's testing sessions. If you have further questions, please let me know.

MAP INFO sheet.docx


We will be having a small Valentine's Day celebration on Thursday. You are welcomed to bring in small treats and valentines to share with the class. We have 9 girls, 13 boys (22 in total) in the class.


The class had a great Catholic Schools Week! I posted some pictures on the photos page so please check them out.

We have a book order due by Wednesday 2/6 if you are interested.

There was a permission slip sent home in last week's Friday folder regarding a trip to see a motivational speaker. The cost is $5 and cost and forms are due by 2/8


Please make sure if your child has returned their field trip form for next week that it is returned by tomorrow

Progress Reports went home today. Please sign and return those by Friday. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please be sure to review the events for Catholic Schools Week events calendar that was included in the Friday folder last week.


Welcome Year 2019!

4th grade is back in full swing after winter break! Next week we will be doing our midyear MAP testing.

We tried out a new program called Map Skills this week. This will not be a weekly requirement like Khan, but it does provide additional resources for students to practice skills. We will work on this program at school at times, but if anyone wishes to use it at home, they may do so. Your children have the access information in their planners and the website link is

Book orders are due next Wednesday, 1/16. You may order online or bring in the forms/checks


Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family and friends!

Thank you for the generous gifts and thoughts during this Christmas season.


Thank you all very much for your generous support for our Advent family. The cards your children made in class in were very well thought out and beautiful.

For our Christmas party, if you wish to bring anything in, I am asking that children bring in items that can be shared, enjoyed, and brought home easily if not consumed at school. (Think Christmas cards, candy canes, pencils, etc.). We will be sharing these items on Thursday. We have rehearsals almost every afternoon this week, and it will be impossible to consume a ton of food prior to lunch. I will also have other activities planned for the party as well.


If you did not receive your child's report card via email yet, please contact the school. If you have an questions for me regarding grades, please let me know.

Ms. Alexander mentioned to the class yesterday that they might want to bring in an old shirt or apron for art class. After starting a small painting activity today, I will second her on this idea.

Our class also received our Advent Family on Monday. Your children can tell you a little more about our family, but we will be collecting gift cards in any amount to help. These are due by Friday, December 14th. Adoration cards and other small religious tokens are also appreciated. We will be making cards in school as well. Please keep all our Advent families in your daily prayers throughout the holiday season.

Tomorrow is St. Nick's Feast Day. We are collecting new and gently used toys for Gifts to Give. If you wish/ are able to participate, please make sure those donations are brought in tomorrow.

St. Nick's Workshop will be open starting Friday for purchases. As I told the children, if they wish to participate in this, they need to remember this workshop is ti buy for OTHERS and for themselves. Here is video I showed the class, and I wanted to share it all with you

I also am sharing a link to model the phases of the moon. We watched the the videos in class, but I am not able to make the classroom dark enough during the day to model this activity. It is something the children can try at home (and I encouraged them too!) (link expires 12/14)


Check out our photos page with lots of new photos from this month! If any chaperones have pictures from the field trip they would like to share, please email them to me.

I want to thank all of our chaperones who came with us last Friday. We can't do field trips without volunteers to join us! The children had a great day, and I hope they told you all about some of the things they learned!

We were very happy to have some parents able to visit our projects on Tuesday afternoon. Your children were SO EXCITED all day on Tuesday to share their projects. Thank you parents and family for your help and cooperation with this project.

Don't forget, all students to be in full compliance with Khan this term need to have completed 330 minutes by 11/25. There are no assigned minutes this week due to the short week/ holiday. If your child is behind, this is the week to get fully caught up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Please remember that tomorrow students need to be in regular uniform and bring a lunch for tomorrow's field trip. All students need to be ready and in the classroom by no later than 8:15 so we can leave on time. Please watch the weather and set alarms earlier to be assure arrival on time.

Students do not need to bring any money as they will not be allowed to go to the gift shop. Also, leave the electronics home. Students are only allowed to bring and use those polaroid cameras as long as they do no use them on the bus or in the planetarium show. Students do not need to bring their backpacks to school tomorrow or their homework.

I have returned all outlines and work cited pages to students on Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember those projects are due in their entirety on Tuesday. If parents and guardians would like to visit projects, we will have them on display for visitors at 2:00 pm on Tuesday. You will just need to check in to the office before coming to the classroom.

Book orders are due by Wednesday. If you are choosing online ordering, the link is:


Hello everyone! Thank you to all the parents for coming in for conferences. It was great getting to check in with all of you and discuss your child's progress so far this school year.

We will have a busy few weeks ahead between a field trip, holidays, and grades closing soon. Next Tuesday 11/13 students need to pass in their country outline and a draft of their Work Cited page. I gave the class an additional handout to cite sources for those who are not a fan on

I put in your child's Friday folder reminders for next week's field trip slip. I went through a few important notes today, but I will be taking questions and going through the timeline more specifically next week.

As I mentioned to many of you at conferences, there is a link to the MAP growth testing and Khan. This will provide another way for your child to improve their math skills. I will demonstrate this to the class next week, but for those who want to get started, to access your recommendations please do the following (these instructions are for a desktop/laptop):

  • Your child will log in to their account.
  • In the search box toward the top left, write "MAP Recommended Practice". Click the eyeglass button.
  • Under "top results" click the first link that says "MAP Recommended Practice".
  • You will see a link to click on for four categories "geometry, measurement and data, so on" Click on one of those areas to begin.


The children looked so great in their Saints costumes! I did take some pictures, and I will be posting those soon.

In your child's Friday folder, please be on the look out for a pink slip which has your child's conference time. If you need to switch the date and time, please send me an email.

I sent home papers today for the Country in a Box project. We will be taking a look at U.S. immigration this month, and this project will tie into that topic while allowing students to explore his or her ethnic background. I sent home a paper with instructions today, and your child is supposed to discuss it with you this weekend. If they have any further questions, they can ask me on Monday. I did show the class how to use Easybib to cite sources, but I expect students will need some additional support with this skill. The work cited will also be submitted in draft form along with the outline by 11/13 so I can check on your child's progress. We also have scheduled work time for this project next week to help assist with any additional questions.


Thank you everyone for the goodies and treats that were brought in today for our Halloween celebration. The children had a good time (and are full of sugar!).

Please see your child's Friday folder for conference forms. The earlier you return those forms, the better, PLEASE! Make sure you mark your three preferred time slots. I will do my best to give you the times you prefer, but please understand I will have to schedule around other teachers as well as many students have siblings.

Progress Reports will be going home on Wednesday. In order to be ready for printing, Khan minutes will be entered for a grade as of either Saturday night or as of Sunday. Your child should be at 240 minutes by the end of this week, and this will be what I base the score on.

All Saints' Day is Thursday 11/1. Students can choose to dress up as whatever Saint they would like. Here are some suggestions if you are unsure what to do:

Parents are welcomed to join us for this event if you are able! If you can volunteer with events for the day, please speak with Mrs. Shaughnessy.

The Science notes for the upcoming test are posted under "Forms and Documents".

Thank you returning field trip forms and money. More information about the field trip will be coming in a few weeks.


Just a reminder that if you have not returned your field trip forms and money yet, these are due by Tuesday, 10/23.

Most of 4th grade has completed their Map Testing. Some children will need to finish up next week, and there are few that may need to retest as they went too fast. Accurate data is very important as the information specifically will guide all of us on how to best help your child.

We will be having a small classroom Halloween party on Friday afternoon 10/26. You are welcome to bring in any goodies for the class. If you are bringing a baked good, PLEASE list the ingredients as we have children with food allergies and sensitives. The children really appreciate when people do this. I do not need to know if you are bringing in goodie bags or anything that can be easily taken home, but please email me if you plan to bring in a baked good or drinks. I will keep a running list on the website to avoid too much of the same thing. Students can also wear Halloween colors on this date.


Your children may have already told you, but I will not be in school Monday through Wednesday next week. I will be on an accreditation visiting committee team. Mrs. Gomes will be taking care of your children for the three days along with the assistance of Mrs. Brunelle. Although everything has been planned for the three days, please be patient and understanding that Mrs. Gomes may have to make some adjustments especially with MAP testing going on next week. I have updated the homework site, but it will be your child's responsibility to be writing items down in their agenda, especially if changes have to be made to the schedule.

Speaking of MAP testing, 4th grade will completing their assessment next week.

Don't forget field trip forms and money are due by 10/22. Thank you so far for the chaperones who have volunteered to join us so far!

I have asked all math and reading tests be returned this week. I would like to have student work files for conferences coming up next month.


Happy long weekend everyone!

I did send home a field trip form for our field trip to the Boston Museum of Science on Friday, November 16th. Please take a look at those this weekend. Forms and money are due by Tuesday, October 23rd. Students cost $20. We absolutely would love some chaperones and your cost is $9. Chaperones need to make sure they have completed a CORI. If you have any questions regarding a CORI, please contact the school.

4th grade will also be completing their first phases on the MAP testing very soon. This will probably begin the week of October 15 for your children.

Book orders are due by Wednesday either online or by sending in to school.


Great job on the dioramas and papers!

Science Test next week. A study guide went home in your child's Friday folder. I am also uploading the Powerpoint slides to the "forms and documents" tab. Your child is expected to take notes in class, but for my visual learners, there are the links to the videos and diagrams on the Powerpoint.


Everyone did a beautiful job on their dioramas! I have posted pictures of all the children's hard work. You should have seen all the beaming and proud faces that came in on Wednesday morning! Thank you parents for your continued support as I know you may have provided guidance to your child for this project. Your children love to spend time with you even if it's school related. I am in the process of grading the reports and dioramas so be on the look out next Friday for the grading rubrics.

I did insert a tiny piece of paper with your child's Khan Academy minutes over the last three weeks. I know some children didn't complete their minutes yet this week. This is fine. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew were they currently stand and that everything is working correctly. Remember the system only tracks active working minutes, and it will not count for time spent search for new lessons or changing an avatar.

Please make sure your child is secure on their addition and subtraction facts. Flash cards and online games are a great way to practice.


Happy weekend!

Few things:

We are progressing along nicely in 4th grade. A few of our specialists have complimented how well-behaved the students were with them. Let's keep it up Grade 4!

Don't forget to send back weekly slips signed on Monday. Make sure you and your child review all papers (which may stay at home).

I did send home a study guide for the social studies text in your child's Friday folder. How do you use this one may ask? We talked about it in class, but a few suggestions are:

  • Highlight what you can locate in your notes
  • Make flashcards
  • Have an adult or older sibling quiz you.
  • Rewrite the material over as needed.

How you use the study guide is up to you and your child. We also do a review period the day or two before the test as well. I will not provide the exact questions as I want the students to not just memorize the content but to understand and apply it. Also, don't wait until the night before to study. A little bit at a time works best for most children.


Hi everyone! I would first like to thank all of you who were able to attend Open House. It was great to meet new faces and revisit some familiar ones. Please make sure if you haven't already, that you read and sign/return the last page of the packet by Monday.

We have made some excellent progress in 4th grade this week. We continued to work on many new and old routines, but we also began learning new things in each of our subjects. Mass behavior today was also excellent once again, and 4th grade took very good care of their 1st grade buddies.

Book orders were sent home today. This program is a great way to instill a love of books and also helps out our classroom. If you would like to order, you can order online using the link. or you can send form and check to school. Orders are due by Wednesday.

I have once again posted the assessments for next week. Please note that for the science quiz, students are to focus on the glossary words and any additional information I give them to study (The first lesson we completed this week did not have any glossary words). The science quiz is administered halfway through chapter for me to see how well your child understands glossary words and any additional specific information thus far. Critical thinking style questions will only appear on the science tests. More information will follow. We will be working throughout the year on how to study for assessments.

Please remember your rough drafts are due by Tuesday. If you finish early, feel free to get them in on Monday. The earlier they are passed in, the earlier I can return them with suggestions for improvements.

As many of you may remember from Open House, I included a weekly slip for your child this week in your child's folder. Please review and return on Monday (along with the reading log).

Don't forget your Khan Academy minutes start with week. You need to complete 30 minutes of active working time.

I just want to mention that email is a great tool to touch base with me. Please be aware if I do not respond right away during school hours, it is because I am spending time teaching your lovely children. If there are any urgent matters, such as a sudden change in dismissal, please call the office to assure I get message in time.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Just a reminder that parent open house is tomorrow at 6:30.

Please note that all homework is due the next day unless other specified. I know Grade 4 homework will be an adjustment this year. Please be patient and allow your child some time to adjust. It usually takes a month for most children to get used to the new routine.

Khan Academy starts this week. Students should be completing 30 minutes (according to Khan's counter) under the math section each week. Students are allowed to do some coding for the math requirement as well.


I sent home with your children today instructions for their summer reading project. They are asked to show those papers to you tonight, and then they can ask me any additional questions tomorrow. I am also going to send home the summer packets tomorrow to use as a tool to help them with the project.

Make sure your children are in your regular uniforms tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the first day we are attending Mass. It will also the first time your children will have regular buddies to walk to and from church!

Also especially for our new families, please make sure you return the SFX folder every week. We use these for Friday folders. They are to be returned the beginning of every school week.

Reading logs need to come back fill out, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to school for Tuesday. This will usually be passed in on Mondays. This reading log should have a total of 90 minutes.

Have a great long weekend! Let us all hope for cooler weather.


We had a great first day even though it was REALLY HOT! Please make sure your child has a water bottle that is refillable and seals. I am giving the children extra breaks to refill while we have this heat around. Due to the heat, Wednesday will be a half day with dismissal at 11:30.

Much of this week is reviewing routines and getting to know each other. You will receive a packet at open house next Wednesday with all my expectations for your child this year. Just so you all know in the meantime, Grade 4 has nightly homework this year. For tonight, students need to read 15 minutes and start completing their reading logs. Students are expected to read 15 minutes every day except for Sundays (or a total of 90 minutes for a typical week). Reading logs are to be signed by a parent and collected on the first day of the week. Next week it will be on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday,

Please make sure your child has all five textbooks (including religion) covered by Wednesday next week. You can choose to cover them anyway you wish as long you don't use sticky covered. If you are using booksoxs, four jumbos and one standard size should work.


Students may wear gym uniforms due to the extreme heat the next three days. Students will need to be in their regular uniforms for Friday.

Please send your child with a water bottle that can be sealed. They will be able to refill their bottles at school.

Don't forget to bring those summer packets tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for the first day of school!