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The attendance manual for Synergy version 10 link is below.

Best Practices - School Site

Best Practices

The success of attendance taking is a team effort. School site administration, teachers and staff all must work together to provide accurate and timely attendance recordings.


Teachers log into Synergy Student Information System (Synergy) through their password-protected login. Each teacher will take attendance via TeacherVue interface within Synergy. Each teacher must enter the attendance the first 30 minutes of the period.

School Site Staff

School site staff will review the Classroom Taken Attendance Summary Screen and/or Period Sections Missing Attendance List to monitor which teachers have posted their attendance through the TeacherVue interface. After all attendance has been posted for the day in Synergy, the Period Attendance Gaps by Teacher report may be generated. This report lists all students in any of the teacher’s classes that show a “gap” in their period attendance. The Period Attendance Gaps by Teacher report will assist school sites in identifying any possible errors in the posting of a student’s attendance on a particular day.

School site staff contacts teachers by phone or email to remind teachers that attendance must be posted within 30 minutes of the start of a class.

School site staff will contact the home of all students who are absent either by a phone call to a parent/guardian and/or the auto dialer system. All original documentation (i.e., phone logs) is maintained in the main office for audit purposes.

Site Administration

School site administrators support the school site staff when necessary to ensure requirements are met for attendance taking.

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