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Meet Julia Martin, Special Education Ombudsperson

Julia Martin joined SFUSD in July 2019 as the Special Education Ombudsperson. In this role she works as the family, community and staff liaison for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). In addition to being the Family and Community Engagement lead for Special Education Services, her office can:

  • Assist parents and guardians when they have disagreements or complaints regarding special education services for their children at school sites or districtwide.
  • Provide training to SFUSD and San Francisco community stakeholders, such as Navigating Special Education Services, IEP 101, Engaging and Empowering SFUSD Families, Effective Communication between Special Education Families and Educators, and other issues related to special education services and families.
  • Address the need for educational surrogate assignment (Ms. Martin is the educational surrogate coordinator for the district, which matches students in need of representation with volunteers to help advocate for their educational needs.)

If you have a question or concern regarding Special Education Services and need to get in contact or visit Julie at the:

Office of Family and Community Engagement at 555 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

PHONE: 415-447-7802.

EMAIL: martinj5@sfusd.edu.

Check out this short Video

Short Film about Playground Inclusion wins International Acclaim

All kids want to play. Kids with disabilities are no different. “Ian” is a short, animated film inspired by the real-life Ian, a boy with a disability determined to get to the playground despite his playmates bullying him. This film sets out to show that children with disabilities can and should be included.

To help every child succeed, the SFUSD Board of Education established policies to ensure the use of effective practices to support students receiving special education services.

Inclusive education is not a separate education initiative; rather it is a basic characteristic of school organizing to improve student performance. It recognizes that students requiring special education services are, first and foremost, general education students who require additional services and support to succeed in school.

Inclusive practices recognize that decisions about student services are based on individual students’ specific needs, and require increased expectations for students with disabilities and a shared responsibility for the success of each and every student.

Special Education Services is a flexible system of leadership and support that mobilizes resources and services to enable schools, families, and community to assist children and young adults in experiencing success.

The San Francisco Unified School District is dedicated to identify, locate and assess all students within the district from birth to 22 years of age who may have disabilities, as well as provide appropriate support and/or related services to those students as determined by an educational evaluation.

Our commitment is to provide eligible students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) consistent in the least restrictive environment (LRE) with federal and state laws.

Special Education Services