President: Vincent Gin

Hey, I’m the current robotics President for team #5507. For the most part I work in hardware, and I find it very engaging. Watching components work is satisfying to me. I coordinate and supervise each team in robotics. I look forward to building our robot this year.

Vice President: Lili Frazier

Hey, I’m the Vice President of the robotics team! As the Vice President of the team, I make lots of spreadsheets, support my team wherever they need it, and delegate team members within their respective groups. I enjoy many things, but above all, I love to experience new things and try something new everyday. I appreciate my teammates everyday for their hard work and dedication to the team, and can’t wait to work with them during the 2019 build season!

Business Leader: Joseph Moy

As business leader, I am in charge of everything related to cash. I do all the bookings for trips, entering all receipts, writing grants etc. My hobbies include playing chess, reading, listening to music as well as going to the gym. If you ever have extra money lying around that you don’t want feel free to bother me!

Public Relations: Chloe Chuang

My role as the PR leader means I handle anything that is related to the public and socializing. Some of my tasks include posting on social medias, planning parties and designing and buying merchandise. I am currently in 10th grade and loving it! I enjoy reading and listening to music. A passion of mine is dancing.

Quartermaster: Briana King

Hello my name is Briana King and I am a junior. It is my responsibility as Quartermaster is to ensure that all the tools and resources that we use are organized and in the correct place, so that we spend more time learning and building the robot. I also keep up with inventory and the shopping list. I like reading, watching movies, and singing.

Strategist: Tommy Tran-Nguyen

I am a senior and I am the strategy leader and I also help with Computer Automated Design. My responsibility is to understand the rules of the game and to try to answer questions about the rules. I come up with possible strategies as a human player and for our robot to maximize efficiency during competitions. I enjoy working with hardware. I like gaming, and was a big fan of Overwatch. In college, I want to major in robotics.

Hardware Leader: Briana Louie

What’s up guys! I’m the hardware leader for Team 5507. My responsibilities consist of communicating with others to solve mechanical problems, ensuring that team members are safe when using equipment, and collaborating with other leaders to confirm we’re on track. My hobbies include reading, building small electronic projects, and watching YouTube.

Hardware Assistant Leader: Anton Levin

Hello, my name is Anton Levin, and I'm the hardware assistant. I am a freshman, and I like potatoes for any meal, buy some now today at www.idahopotato.com!! I run the errands for the hardware leaders, and I also execute the ideas for others on the 3D printer and the CNC Router.

Software Leader: Riley Blair

Hey guys, I am one of the software leaders for Team 5507. My responsibilities include writing and teaching code as well as solving difficult problems with my team. While hardware builds and designs the parts, we help write the code that makes it run as effectively as possible. As well as code, I was the main driver for last year's game. I enjoy being sociable, playing video games, fencing, and playing music with my friends.

Software Leader: Jennessa Ma

My responsibilities include leading the software team throughout build season, ensuring our code is proper, efficient, and fully functional in time for competition, and analyzing problems/bugs in software. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, reading novels, running, and playing video games, even though I’m not very good at them.

Software Assistant Leader: Leon Goldner Katz

I am the assistant software leader for team 5507. As the assistant software leader, I help the software leaders with delegation and work on software projects. Some of my personal interests include Star Wars, and all kinds of weird old computers. If you ask me about my favorite operating system, I will say GNU/Linux. I will also half jokingly suggest you install a mainframe for fun and profit.