About Us

We are Team 5507, Robotic Eagles, based in San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2014, our team has improved year by year, gaining more experience and complex technology. The robotics team offers opportunities for our members to engage in various hands-on activities including hardware, software, and manufacturing as well as fundraising, budgeting, public relations, and community outreach experiences. Our team consists of about thirty members who are willing to commit many hours out of their busy schedules to participate in this rigorous, yet exciting program. For us as high schoolers, robotics challenges our creativity while deepening bonds of friendship and developing cooperative abilities with our teammates.

Diverse minds

Students get to collaborate with teammates from different backgrounds

Team Bonding

Club socials give students the opportunity to get out of the house

Come together

With different specialties to choose from, there are interests for everyone


Students work with variety of different tools to understand different aspect of engineering


Students program robots to understand the inner working of how robots function

Business/Public Relations

Students handle team finances and interactions with the public such as spreading awareness of STEM