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Check Your Eligibility & Prepare to Receive an L4E Device in 3 Simple Steps:

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To be eligible for the Laptops for Educators (L4E) Program you must:

  • Be an active San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) employee
  • Be able to log into your @SFUSD.edu email address.
  • A minimum of .6 Full-Time Employment (FTE)
  • With an eligible job classification

Prior to moving forward, please ensure you have received notice from HR with a district employee ID and district username and password credentials for your SFUSD @sfusd.edu e-mail address. You will not be able to receive or login to a district issued device without a district-issued email account and password.

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Pick up a Laptop for Educators device at a special event distribution, or schedule an appointment to pick up a device by emailing help@sfusd.edu with your SFUSD email address. Please include your employee ID within the email to determine eligibility.

Note: Your email will be filtered if you do not use your @SFUSD.edu email address.

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