College & Career Pathways

Our Mission

To diversify and transform post-secondary institutions, apprenticeships, and San Francisco workplaces, we will eliminate disparities in student achievement and dismantle barriers to access and success in our pathways.

We know structural change is ongoing and achieved collectively by building rigorous, inclusive, culturally responsive pathways that nurture the assets and passions of students from every race, ethnic background, gender expression and sexual orientation regardless of residency status, ability, current level of English or socioeconomic background.

What are College & Career Pathways?

Multi-year course sequence with emphasis in one career sector

Focus on industry-related skills as well as “soft skills” like collaboration, networking, project management and critical thinking.

Real-world, inter-disciplinary project-based and work-based learning

Programs align to local workforce needs and accelerate students’ preparedness for college and career.

Connecting to Local Business, Industry, community and

post-secondary partners!