Career Pathways

Preparing young talent to thrive in San Francisco’s workforce!

Our Mission

Career Pathways, a program of the San Francisco Unified School District, addresses barriers so that students have access to career exploration, practice and mastery of technical skills, and early-college course work.

In partnership with over 500 community and industry partners, we serve over 3,700 students each year.

From culinary to biotech, all 43 pathway programs cultivate critical thinking, technical literacy, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Why Enroll in Career Pathways?

Students in Career Pathway have access to...

Multi-year courses where students can explore their interest in a career field.

Developing their skills in collaboration, networking, and project management.

Project-based learning and use their projects to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Each pathway program aligns to local workforce needs and accelerates students' preparedness for their potential career trajectory.

Connecting to Local Business, Industry, community and

post-secondary partners!