We are now using a new ministry scheduling program from Parish Solutions.

This new program is completely web based, so no sign-ins or passwords to remember. The program schedules families together, sends reminder emails the week prior to serving which includes a link to request a sub if needed. It allows you to put in when you are unavailable. When a sub is requested, an email is sent to all those who are signed up for that particular ministry for that Mass time. The position can be accepted by pushing a link within the email. If your Mass time or ministry preference changes, you can make those changes directly.

In order for this to be up and running for a July schedule, we need to begin signing up now.

Please follow this link:

Parish Solutions


The Sign up process for the new Ministry Scheduling program (web4ucorp) is not very self explanatory.

Please see the step by step information below:

Click on this link:

  • Push "Sign up" button

  • Put in your contact information

Under Role 1

  • Choose Mass time (ex: Monday 8:30am)

  • Choose Role (ex: lector)

Head of Family for this Role

  • If you are one person skip this step.

  • If you are a couple doing greeting together as the only ministry, skip this step

  • If you have other family members doing ministries, choose "yes"

Role 2, 3, etc.

  • If you do other ministries or Mass times, indicate here

  • If you do not do other ministries skip these


  • Click this button to save what you have done

Each family member who does ministries needs to sign up separately.

  • Head of Family for this role "no"

  • Schedule with Head of Family "yes"

  • A list of ministers will come up - click on the Head of Family

  • Your schedules will now be linked - you will be scheduled together.

Vacation/unavailable dates

Can be added after you click submit on the bottom of the message that pops up


An email will be sent to the address you entered with a link to click to add vacation dates. There is also a link to edit your role - for a change of Mass time etc.


Each time a schedule comes out, you will receive an email. You will also receive a reminder email the week prior to when you are scheduled for a ministry - both of those emails have your specific link to adjust your specific vacation schedule.


You can email me here and I can look up your individual link and send it to you when I am in the office.