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Pro-Life Answers to False Pro-Choice Arguments

Pro-Life Articles (Part 4)

It is published in four parts posted below.

"I am opposed to abortion, but I don't believe I have the right to impose my personal beliefs on others."

You will sometimes hear this stated by members of the general public, but it is more commonly said by politicians who are trying to "finesse" the abortion issue. The trick is to appear philosophically pro-life so they do not have to defend the reality of abortion, and functionally, pro-abortion so they do not upset the abortion lobby. They think that this is a shrewd view, when in fact it is just a cowardly one. Unfortunately, for political expediency, many of our "Catholic" politicians take this hypocritical and shameful position!

Understand that the only logical basis for someone to be "personally opposed to abortion" is because they realize that abortion terminates the life of an innocent human being. While claiming to believe that however, they say it should be legal. So what they are really saying is, "Abortion is the intentional killing of a helpless child, but I wouldn't do anything to stop it. I am willing to look the other way while someone else takes the life of a child".

That is a smoke screen. Only a coward and/or hypocrite would concede that unborn children are living human beings but that is none of his (or her) business if someone wants to abort them.

It is no different than saying that they are opposed to rape but it is none of their business if men want to rape women, or that rape is not an area in which the government should be involved.

We live in a nation where over 3,500 innocent children lose their lives each and every day to the intentional act of abortion. If this is not an area of legitimate governmental interest, then the government has no legitimate interest at all!

Pro-Life Articles

Pro-Live Answers Part 1.docx

Part 1

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Part 2

Pro-Live Answers Part 3.docx

Part 3

Pro-Live Answers Part 4.docx

Part 4

Abortion is the Greatest and Gravest Moral-Pastoral issue facing the Universal Church

The Pastoral Statement on Abortions written by

Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of San Angelo

It is published in five parts posted below.

Abortion Part 1.docx

Part 1

Abortion Part 2.docx

Part 2

Abortion Part 3.docx

Part 3

Abortion Part 4.docx

Part 4

Abortion Part 5.docx

Part 5

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