"As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace." 1 Peter 4:10

Gifted by God

Every human person is gifted uniquely and individually by God. As we follow Christ, we recognize a group of people we belong to and a place that generates us and sends us into the world to share that “God is among us!” We are more eager to support and contribute with such a power flowing in us.

To become a “steward” is to look after what God has given to us. This includes our unique and individual gifts by putting them into His service in the world, in our families, and in the parish. I encourage you to consider your own path and what God has uniquely contributed to you. This discernment happens in three steps.

First - Discern what you desire to do. God works through our desires, purifies our desires, and uses our desire to help us ultimately connect with Him. What do you enjoy and desire in your life?

Second - Discern what you are able to do. What qualities or characteristics do you possess? What are you able to do well? Your gifted abilities at times are done with such ease and grace that you may not be aware. Often this is something another person points out to you.

Third - What are the needs? What is your own need, the needs of your family, the needs of the parish, and the needs of the community (your work, neighborhood, etc.)?

When all three of these line up, throw yourself into the path. Sometimes you’ll need to keep discerning. Don’t be afraid to try and make adjustments along the way. This journey is one that generates enthusiasm, but it also generates humility when we wish all three would be present but they aren’t. Even this is a great opportunity to allow God to open up something new for you.

Thank you for all the ways you proclaim your recognition of God‘s presence in life. This is the essential contribution every Christian makes. Thank you for all the additional contributions made as stewards of this earth.

Share your gifts

As our parish grows, there are many spiritual, social, educational, and physical needs to be met, and sharing your unique talent helps us to meet these very real needs.

Please pray about how God is calling you to serve others through our parish ministries. Then click here to access our Stewardship Form. Completed forms can be returned to the parish office through email, postal mail, the collection basket, or dropped off at the office.

We look forward to discovering the varied gifts God has bestowed upon the JP2 Crew!