The human person is made to encounter the material and spiritual realm. Through the human experience, a person recognizes that a particular dimension of reality is unquantifiable and invisible. Love, Mercy, Beauty, and Happiness in various degrees are spiritual realities that make the human person mature.

One matures in these through real events, encounters, which require a reasonable person to recognize that something more than one sees is creating me.

"Then astonishment seized them all and they glorified God, and, struck with awe, they said, 'We have seen incredible things today.'"

-Luke 5:26

The Christian recognizes in the spiritual absence and inability to satiate these desires a desire for the eternal God. This search and journey is marked by encounters which awaken a person, and moved by the Holy Spirit, to recognize the presence of Christ and the fulfillment of his promise to be with us always.

To respond to this invitation, a Christian begs for the sight to see Him and follow Him wherever he leads. Through a life of prayer, sacraments, and charity, the Christian community grows in awareness of its identity as sons and daughters of God.

Building God's Kingdom or My Own?

Just so you know, my days can be terrible: filled with anxiety, difficulty, and the lack of purpose and meaning. Like the days of feeling you're in a pit, which no compliment or encouragement can lift you from. Not to beat the dead horse, but do you know the experience of having someone offer a kind word to try and help and it actually makes you feel like you're worse off? Yes, I have those days! Yesterday!

On Facebook, one usually gets a rosy picture of life, but I promise you that yesterday was not easy. I almost put a post up in the middle of the chaos just so you all know the mission of my life and the mission of Harrisburg aren't all flowers and sunshine. I didn't because I was afraid of the customary encouragement--when you want to scream, "'It will get better, Father' isn't enough!" I need more than words; I need the Word! The Word which is spoken from God. The Light that instantly dispels the darkness! So I went to the chapel and really prayed. I mean really prayed.

Then He arrived...almost so simply I could have missed it. At the end of the day, through a text someone sent me and through a prayer (The Litany of Humility) which another person shared. [So I did need another to share their life with me, but I think ultimately they knew and I knew that the real need was more than what they were offering.] Somehow He arrived through them and lifted me in ways I couldn't have planned with all the time in the world. From that place, I went to the hospital for a visit, visited some good friends, and sent an email to a friend I hadn't spoken with in awhile. In all of them, I saw the Kingdom that He was building. It was carried out with desire and joy and peace. May He be praised!

We all try to build what only God can build. The fruit will tell us eventually which way is His and which is not. It doesn't mean we don't do anything; it means we follow the work He places on our path. How do we know? We have to take the journey and judge the fruit. Thy will, not mine, be done!