Family Formation

"Transforming the world one family at a time."

Vision of Family Formation, Ham Lake, MN

"The rights and duty of parents to give education is essential...original and primary...and it is irreplaceable and incapable of being entirely delegated to others."

Familiaris Consortio, 36

"As a church, we recognize our ineffectiveness in catechizing children if their parents are not involved in the process. Through Family Formation, parents are evangelized and catechized and come to understand what the Church is asking of them. By giving them support and encouragement in their mission, we are responding to the Church's call."

Family Formation, Ham Lake, MN

How Family Formation works in Mitchell...

Monthly Gatherings: Families gather at church one time per month, for 90 minutes. During this time, students in grades K-6 meet in sessions, divided by grade level (childcare will be provided for younger children). Meanwhile their parents gather together for an adult session. Everyone learns about the same topic on different levels, enabling families to have follow-up discussions about their faith. Each family is given a packet of Home Lessons for the month. Family Formation Monthly gatherings will be offered once a month at Holy Spirit / JPII on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 pm.Home Lessons: Approximately one hour per week is set aside by parents to teach their children the other three weeks from the easy-to-use weekly Home Lessons. Again, the family learns together, enabling parents to draw on common understandings and incorporate them into teachable moments that arise in the course of day-to-day family life.

IN 2018-2019!

W.O.G. Mascot visits in Family Formation!

W.O.G. stands for "Word of God."

WOG encourages the children to read the

Sacred Scriptures or listen to Bible stories.

2018-2019 Home Activities

Thanks, parents, for sharing your home activities with us!

Lent Activities below. Thank you for sharing!!

Mercy Bingo!!

Advent & Christmas Activities below. Thank you!

From 2017-2018 Family Formation

"Where Heaven and Earth Meet...An Overview of the Mass" One of the home lessons including assembling a model altar. A family shared their model with us. "The Call: Are You Listening?" Vocations & Holy Orders.Each family was given the name, address & photo of a seminarian in our Diocese to pray for through May. Families were encouraged to write their seminarian. We heard from families who did this and learned that the children really enjoyed getting a letter and hearing back from their seminarian. Great!! Please continue to pray for vocations in our parishes & diocese."The Ten Commandments"One of the home lessons included Lenten activities. One family made various crosses with their Lego set. Thanks for sharing!