Mrs. Chin-Sinn

Welcome to Mrs. Chin-Sinn's Class Page!

Here you can find Mathematics pages for 6th 7th and 8th grade as well as 6th grade Science and Religion.

Each page has a quick button for your google classroom as well as links for ALEKS and IXL.



Must haves- Pencils, erasers, notebook, calculator (6th Grade 4 function, 7th and 8th Scientific)

8th Grade ~ include rulers and graph paper

6th Grade Homeroom ~ Homeroom Supplies->

·4 marble notebooks (Math, Religion, Social Studies, Science)

·Draw string bag (for changing classes)

·$10 for School folder and Student Planner (this is required)

·1 Folder ·12 pack standard color pencils

·Zippered Pencil Case ·Pens (black or blue only)

·Sharpened Pencils with erasers ( Please have pencils ready each morning)

·Hand held Pencil Sharpener

·Calculator (4 function, incl. Square Root and negative buttons )

·1 package of Loose-leaf Paper

·2 boxes of Tissues ·1 Roll paper towels

·1 package of Lysol wipes (Disinfectant wipes)

·Art Supplies (reference art supply list from art teacher) Please remember Sharpies are NOT allowed in school

·Book Covers or Book Sox (I suggest at least 2 Book Sox be oversized)

Clear contact paper (will be used for each soft cover workbook)

·Any other math tools which will be required for use throughout the year will be requested at that time.

Welcome to Mrs. Jennifer Chin-Sinn's home page. I look forward to a great year!


This year’s summer assignment is on our ALEKS program. You are asked to complete 20 topics a week. It is important to remember that the purpose of summer assignments is to consistently practice the skills that you have learned this year. Two months is a long time to be out of school and you can easily forget all of the wonderful things that you have learned this year without practicing. And after all, practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to math.

With this in mind, it is not recommended that you do your assignments in one or two sittings, but a little each day. Of course, we know life can get busy. There are people to see, games to play, and vacations to take. But we want to try not to defeat the purpose of a summer assignment. Each week on ALEKS, a new assignment will open up every Monday with the goal of 20 topics for the week. You can do 5 each day or all 20 together but try to do a little at a time so you don't become overwhelmed at the end of the summer trying to catch up. If you miss a week, don't worry... just make it up in a later week or do some ahead of time if you know you are going away. I will be looking for total topics; the weekly assignments are just to help you keep track.

If you are new to SFA, Welcome!! Your assignment is different since you don't have ALEKS accounts yet. You will need the Spectrum Math book for your current grade level. These have a short review of each topic followed by practice questions. This will be the best way for you to keep your math skills fresh over the summer.For current students that will be away from wifi for the summer, this is also your assignment.

Good Luck and have a great summer!