座禅; 坐禅; 坐禪; zuò chán; Zen Buddhist tradition. 

Image courtesy of Dr. Daniel Woodhead

We love this sleek, effortless & sexy style. "Women of Worth" Event #Loreal. 

Queen Mera, created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy (DC Comics), makes #waves like Sha Sabi in the Manhattan Dating Project Music Video "Van Bass".

We can't wait for #Aquaman2.  Images courtesy of #youtube & #Instagram.  

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Image courtesy of Nasa. Love the Success of the SpaceX, Nasa & Ariane Space Programs. #Godspeed!


Heidi Klum getting ready for the Camera.  Does the #GNTM & #ProjectRunway #Star ever have a bad hair day? We did an Exclusive #Coverstory for #Gala #LasVegas (Venetian) . Image courtesy of #Instagram / Heidi Klum


#Mera #Amberheard visiting #Turkey #Istanbul #HagiaSophia. The #Art & #Culture is Amazing. Image courtesy of #Instagram / Amber Heard  #constantinople

Acting Reel Alexander von Roon (SAGAFTRA)

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La Lohan #Herbie

Miley Cyrus about her career

Midnight Sky

#intime & #Mank Amanda Seyfried on #Acting  

We are waiting for "Snow on the Beach". Lana Del Rey & Taylor Swift are revealing details #Instagram about the music collaboration. Can't wait for the new Music Video. 

Working with Lana Del Rey Music Videos in the past through Silverlakes Footage Clearance Masterminds was great fun for Alexander von Roon as well as gathering footage for the Whitney Houston Documentary. 13

Congratulations are in order 4 #tomcruise #maverick nears 900 Million USD box office & according 2 #Forbes : 

Uber Director Steven Spielberg said during the 2023 Academy Awards #Oscars luncheon, Tom Cruise saved Hollywood's A** (Source: Variety )  We agree. Grazie Mille Tom

It is in the numbers. Taylor Swift is into "13", Miley Cyrus mentions "14" a lot, recently. Who should help the sirens inspire & help finish songwriting? 

Leave us suggestions on the Manhattan Dating Project Facebook. 

Check out the cute Barbie selfies on Instagram . We love Ryan Gosling as much as the next guy. But, who do you think, should be Ken? 

Or will Big Jim snatch the ageless icon away? We can't wait to see your Barbie Selfies.  Share them on insta or Unitedgoth 

Already lovin' Stars such as Margot Robbie, Taylor Mommsen, Zooey Deschanel doin' it. 

Bush #Glycerine Lyrics for a sing a long karaoke kind of thingy...

It must be your skin I'm sinking in

It must be for real 'cause now I can feel

And I didn't mind

It's not my kind

It's not my time to wonder why

Everything's gone white

Andeverything's gray

Now you're here now you're away

I don't want this

Remember that

I'll never forget where you're at

Don't let the days go by

On the screen left are Acting clips with Snoop Dogg & Alexander Leeb for the MTV Music Awards Europe, Secretos, James Bond Casino Royale Jimmy Kimmel Spoof & more. Leave us a "like" if you'll like. Grazie.

Check out Alex von Roon talking with JT about his movie "In Time" or read about life as a single (at the time) in "Bild am Sonntag". We can't wait for new Music, Film & Dancing.

Speaking of dancing, here is the latest on the Dog Poo Scandal from Hanover's Opera House. 

Ballet whose Director threw dog poo at critic to perform in Israel 

Anybody catch Alexander von Roon at the Musical Transparent Finale? The Groundbreaking Show is fun to watch & the set was great to work on. Let us know in the comment box, how u like it. Mazel Tov.

Check out Alex von Roon's TV & Filmography on the Internet Movie Database. From Dr. House, MD to playing Van Helsing, The Vampire Slayer - Von Roon did it. Catch him on Sharon Stone's Agent X or as an important A & R Manager on Chuck  (vs the Goodbye). 

Justin Timberlake sold over 88 million records. 

Love JT dancing with Madonna in "4 Minutes" or in Nelly Furtado's" Promiscuos" Music Video.