Take Me Home

The Seville Police Department is proud to partner with the Summit County Prosecutor's Office on an initiative to better support those with disabilities who may need extra help communicating in an emergency situation.

This program allows for the rapid identification and safe return of citizens who are unable to adequately communicate vital information such as their name and address to law enforcement officers. Those who are registered in this program are placed in a data-base that officers can access via radio or laptops in their cruisers.

The data-base is only accessible to law enforcement personnel. The system includes a picture, disability, description, and contacts. Our program was done in cooperation with The Autism Society of America and The Alzheimer’s Association.

How to Register

  1. Click on the "Take Me Home Registration Form" link below
  2. Download the Registration Form
  3. Complete the Registration Form
  4. E-Mail the completed form to knoblauch@prosecutor.summitoh.net or
  5. Mail the completed form to: Summit County Prosecutor's Office, 53 University Ave 6th Floor, Akron, Ohio 44308