Mrs. Reagan's 5th Grade Class

Statement Of Purpose:

In Mrs. Reagan’s classroom we will strive to be critical thinkers who are growing to become life-long learners. We are dedicated to creating well-rounded individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally by providing a learning environment that supports each student’s needs. We are committed to making our classroom a safe place to share new ideas, thoughts, and feelings without fear by respecting all students and celebrating our differences. Partnering with parents and guardians in our classroom is very important. Neither home nor school can be successful alone, but together the sky is the limit.

School-Wide Rules

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be responsible
  3. Be safe
  4. Be kind

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions quickly.
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
  4. Make smart choices.
  5. Keep your dear teacher happy.

*Make sure you're getting your 20 minutes of reading in nightly! I can't wait to see how much you have grown this year in reading*