nortoncpmsetup | Enter a Product Key | Download & Set Up Norton

Install Norton setup from norton.cpm/setup and set up on your current device. Enter your 25 digits Norton product key and download Norton setup. allows you to sign in with Norton. You can transfer the already installed Norton security from one device to another. Manage your digital life through norton.cpm/setup and get help protecting more devices with a Norton subscription. Once you set up Norton from the norton.cpm/setup site, personal information on your device will be protected.

NORTON LIFELOCK LOGIN – Create an account & Norton login

Create a Norton account from norton.cpm/setup and proceed for Norton login. Here, steps are given for the Norton Lifelock login account; therefore, check below and follow;

  1. Open page.

  2. See either the top right or middle of the page and click the "Sign In" tab.

  3. Once you moved from the norton.cpm/setup page, click on the "Create a new account" link.

  4. Enter details like email, password, phone number, country, and click the "Create Account" tab.

  5. Make confirmation from the email and try signing in at or for Norton login.

  6. Enter Your Norton Product Key

What is a Norton product key?

25 characters alphanumeric code, which is used at norton.cpm/setup to download Norton. Its available on online stores, Norton's official site, and retailers. This key helps in Norton subscription activation.

Where to find Norton keycode?

See below instructions;

  • Norton online store – Check registered email and look for the confirmation message to find the product key.

  • Retail card – See the card's flipside and register the code at norton.cpm/setup or

  • Norton Utilities Premium – Use Norton login account and open the My Subscription page to see the keycode.

  • Third-party sites – Read confirmation email and follow instructions to redeem through norton.cpm/setup.

Where to enter my Norton product code?

If you want to enroll in Norton keycode, then go with, otherwise visit norton.cpm/setup site for direct installation with keycode. Once you reach the norton.cpm/setup site, click on "Enter a product key" and paste or type the 25 digits keycode.

Norton Download & Installation

How to download Norton security?

Follow the easiest steps at norton.cpm/setup to download Norton antivirus on any device; however, check that your device is up to date. Then, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Launch a web browser and open URL.

  • If the product key is enrolled, click "Sign In"; otherwise, hit the "Enter a product key" tab.

  • Then, enter Norton login credentials at norton.cpm/setup and open the My Norton portal.

  • Choose the Norton product subscription and your device type, then click on Download.

  • Norton.cpm/setup will now take you next, then read and click the "Agree & Download" option.

  • Wait for complete Norton Download, and once done, install the setup.

How to install Norton antivirus?

Before you install Norton that you got from the norton.cpm/setup site, ensure your device meets basic system requirements. Here, Norton antivirus installation steps are shown for Windows and Mac PC; check below;

For windows -

  • Press Ctrl + J to see downloads from norton.cpm/setup site.

  • Double-click on the file to initiate the Norton antivirus installation.

  • Click Yes and Continue if the User Account Control window appears.

  • Complete the installation with norton.cpm/setup by following on-screen instructions.

For Mac -

  • Complete Norton download from site.

  • If you have macOS 10.15.x or 11.x, click INSTALL. Otherwise, click on "Agree & Install."

  • Read license terms at norton.cpm/setup and choose the preferred option on Norton Community Watch.

  • Enter the administrator account password and hit "Install Helper," and restart your device.

  • Installation with norton.cpm/setup on different mac devices may change a few steps.