Peer Counseling

What do Peer Counselors do at SET High?

Peer Counselors offer personal support and academic support Peer Counselors will undergo an extensive training that consists of leadership skills, team building activities, communication skills and a variety of topics affecting students. The program offers support for students by providing peer support, peaceful conflict resolution and peer tutoring. In addition, Peer Counselors serve as school ambassadors.

PEER CONFLICT MEDIATION: Students are trained in the conflict resolution/peer mediation process and mediate disputes involving other students or between students and staff. We receive referrals from teachers and administrators who request our help.

PEER SUPPORT: Peer Counselors support students, staff, events and activities at SET High. Students give help and assistance to ASB with events and commitments. We do not duplicate, but contribute to their efforts.. We give a hand when needed.

PEER TRANSITION ASSISTANCE: Peer Counselors help transfer students or new students adjust to school through school tours, new student SET-UP. This could be a one-time event or a continuing relationship for a few weeks or throughout the school year. Administrators and Teachers refer students to us that need assistance.

Peer Counseling Application 2017-2018.pdf