St. Edward School Curriculum

St. Edward School is dedicated to the education of the total child. We strive to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, and social development of each student.

Our curriculum is the framework that identifies learning goals for our students. These include the concepts and skills that we teach, our strategies, and instructional methods. We pride ourselves in an effective curriculum that is organized, intentionally implemented, and is responsive to and reflective of our students. The content that we teach is researched based, and dynamic.

Continued evolution of the St. Edward School curriculum, in keeping with best practices, enables us to assure student success. SES continues to research and study educational programs to select those that best meet the needs of our students. By providing a challenging and enriching academic environment, we seek to prepare our students for the many opportunities ahead of them.

Standards Aligned

SES provides its students with a rigorous curriculum that meets and often exceeds the highest standards in education. Our core curriculum is composed of Catholic religion, reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and physical education (with an integration of technology is each content area).

1:1 Device Integration

Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade are equipped one to one with Chromebooks for technology use daily. All classes have access to a variety of application software, educational websites, and multimedia programs to enhance and extend their learning.