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Checking the house thoroughly before moving is very important. You should make sure that the repair or renovation works that were supposed to have been done, have been carried out or not. You can check this against the list that had been given to you while negotiating. But if this is the first time you are visiting the house then you should be extra careful. You should go through every inch of the house, making note of things that are in need of repair. Check the utility connections, whether they are in working order or not. Look for any signs of damage anywhere and making a note of it. While going through the house you can also mentally note the locations of various rooms and utilities and how you are going to arrange you furniture and belongings inside the house. You can also visualize and decide whether you need to buy new furniture or discard some old ones, to match of the house. And in case there is any renovation needed you can note down that also.

On the other hand if you are letting the house from a landlord, you will be given a list of furniture, fittings that he will be providing you with. Sometimes the home appliances like washing machine, fridge, cooker and kitchen wares come with the house. If such gadgets are being provided you should make sure to take all the details pertaining to these machines. You will require the contact details in case of any emergency and also in case of repairs or servicing. You need to decide on the mode of payment of rent. If the landlord prefers payment though bank, then you need to take the bank details from the landlord. In case he prefers to collect the rent himself, you should fix a suitable date and time for him to do so. After satisfying yourself on all aspects you can sign the papers, and then start making arrangement to move into your new home.

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