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Top Shopping Centers In Hopkins, MN

Hopkins is a suburban city located in Hennepin County, in the US state of Minnesota. This city is about 98% developed with little remaining free space. In 2010, the population Census conducted revealed that Hopkins, MN is a home to 17,591 residents. The United States Census Bureau reported an increase in this population according to the estimated population conducted in 2016 which reveals that the city now houses 18,105 inhabitants. It boasts of many beautiful places which attracts people from other cities. Some of those places are the world class shopping centers it houses. Even with its small size, the shopping centers in the city of Hopkins are ranked amongst the best in the whole of Hennepin County. If you visit this city and needs a place to get your needed goods, consider checking on any of the following top shopping centers you will find there:

Cedar Hills Shopping Center: Take a ride to 11004 Cedar Lake Rd, Hopkins, MN, there you will set your eyes on this glamorous shopping center. Staffs of Cedar Hills shopping center are well trained to offer you the best of customer service.

Knoll wood Crossings: Visit 525 Blake Rd N, Hopkins, MN, there you will locate this amazing shopping center. It sells a lot of goods at reasonable price. Its beautiful exterior and interior design are some of the reasons many people like to patronize there.

Country Village Shopping Center: 11301 MN-7, Hopkins, MN is the seat of this fantastic shopping center. The beautiful structure of this mall is enough to captivate the attention of passersby.

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