and the medieval castle of Bouillon

We need not more than 2hrs30 min. to drive from Brussels to Luxembourg and start our visit of Luxembourg , a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE city. We start at the upper part of the town with a fine view of the valley of the Petrusse on the Place de la Constitution, we walk along the Place des Armes, the Place Guillaume II, the Cathedral, the monument in honor of the Grand-Duchesse Charlotte and the palace of the Grand-Duke. We see the famous 3 Towers gate and reach the casemates of the Bock, an impressive system of tunnels made in the rocks of the Bock, that you can visit (entrance not included). We have also splendid views on the lower city, the “Grund”. Then we start our slow descent towards the lower city offering fine views on the “Grund”, the plateau of Kirchberg with its European Buildings and institutions, the abbey of Neumünster, the Wenceslas Wall. We reach the river Alzette at the bottom of the valley and walk through the Neumünster Abbey, and by doing so you will have a complete upwards perspective towards the upper city and the famous “casemates” of the Bock. We complete our tour in the lower valley by crossing the Alzette again and take the lift to reach again the upper city. Free time for lunch in Luxemburg.

Then we drive via Arlon to BOUILLON were we expect to arrive at around 3.30 pm. Its feudal castle is almost 1000 years old and is a remarkable example of very well conserved military architecture. Its situation on the top of 3 rocks surrounded by the river Semois is indeed impressive. You can visit the castle with an audio guide. At the end of the 11th century, the Lord of this castle, Godefroid of Bouillon, played a very important role during the first crusade and became King of Jerusalem. We leave Bouillon at 5.00 pm and are driving back to Brussels via the highway.


  • duration: 11.30 hrs
  • recommended departure time: 07.45am

Entrance fees (casemates and castle) not included - add €3 per person for the casemates of the Bock and €7 for the castle (audio guide €2)


  • Max 3 persons: €780
  • Max 4 persons: €860
  • Max 6 persons: €980