Battle of the Bulge

(North and South)

The BATTLE of the BULGE (North & South) – BASTOGNE – ST VITH - CLERVAUX – WILTZ - MALMEDY - MILITARY CEMETERY of LUXEMBOURG/HAMM (final resting place of General Patton) – Cheneux – La Gleize – Bastogne War Museum

Fox Holes of Foy – monument for the E-Company - different German and American tanks

This tour will show you the combat lines during the battle of the Bulge, both in the North (Belgium) and South (Luxembourg) Ardennes. We leave Brussels at 07.30 am and drive on the highway via Liège towards Habiemont, the bridge over the river Lienne (a monument remembers its destruction on the 18th of December by the US engineers), Rahier and Cheneux : this village was the theatre of 3 days of bloody fighting between the US troops and the SS of Cdt. Peiper, many military from both sides died, but also 25 civilian victimes were to be deplored. Civilians have been hiding during 3 days in the small church of the village in those circumstances. Finally Peipper had to stop not far away from here, as he was run out of fuel. In La Gleize, we see the superior KÖNIGSTIGER tank, but one big handicap : a very big fuel consumption.

At Malmédy-Baugné we are visiting the Memorial for the 84 American Prisoners, murdered by Peiper’s SS troops. We continue to St Vith, here the US resistance till the 21st of December was another blow at the German Timetable and finally, the 21st, the American troops could withdraw orderly, St Vith was as good as completely destroyed. But we visit the monument for the “Warriors” of both sides and the medieval “BUCHELTOWER”, a small remaining part of the medieval city-wall. Further to Clervaux, that was very damaged during those days, but we stop in the city center close to the castle that has been completely restaurated. We continue our route towards another highlight of the battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg: the city of WILTZ where we will do a 40 min. walking tour on the tracks of the fighting that took place here at Schuman : the strong American resistance resulted in again more delay for the German schedule.

We continue now in the direction of LUXEMBOURG/CITY and the US military cemetary of HAMM. Here General Patton is buried amid 4500 of his soldiers belonging to the 3rd Army.

We drive back to the north in the direction of Bastogne: we start our visit at the blockhouse which Lt. Boggess reached the 26th of December, thus terminating the besieging of Bastogne. We stop at the Place Mac Auliffe with the Sherman tank and the monument for General Mac Auliffe, and drive to the MARDASSON MEMORIAL and WAR MUSEUM, which you have time to visit. We finish our tour by driving along the monument for the E-company and see some of the remaining Foxholes in the woods. Return to Brussels.


  • Duration 12.30 hrs.
  • Departure time 07.30 am


  • Max 3 persons: €870
  • Max 4 persons: €950
  • Max 6 persons: €1040

Note: Entrance war museum Bastogne not included (Adult : approx. €12)