Cast & Rehearsal Info

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Sequoia Drama’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! We were completely blown away by everyone’s talent and have made the exciting decision to double cast this show. Principals in the MIRROR cast will perform as the principal roles on Friday Dec 2, Sunday Dec 4, and Saturday Dec 10 and will be members of the Villagers/Castle Staff Ensemble during other performances. Principals in the ROSE cast will perform as the principal roles on Saturday Dec 3, Friday Dec 9, and Sunday Dec 11 and will be members of the Villagers/Castle Staff Ensemble during other performances. There will be no swapping casts/performances (unless someone gets sick, etc). In a double-casting scenario such as this one, it is EXTREMELY important that everyone remembers they are expected to support and uplift each other at all times. Do NOT compare the different casts/actors or make any kind of evaluative judgments; this behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone who engages in any kind of “this cast is better than this cast because…” or “this actor is better than this actor because…” (or similar comments) could be removed from the cast.

If your name is not on the cast list, please try not to be discouraged and please do not make this the end of your involvement with Sequoia Drama productions. We would love it if you joined the tech crew! We also sincerely hope you will audition again in the future, and do not hesitate to reach out if you would like feedback on how you can improve for future auditions. Please remember casting decisions are not personal – meaning, they are not a reflection of how we perceive you as a person, but merely how we interpret your particular skill sets aligning with the needs of this particular show. Although audition processes create competition between students, we ask that you resist the urge to compare yourselves to others and instead be proud of what you have accomplished, be optimistic about your potential to grow, and be accepting and supportive of your peers.

First Rehearsal is Thursday, September 1 from 3:45-6:15pm. Everyone is required to be there. It is a table read (where we read through the whole script as a cast!). Friday’s (9/2) rehearsal is from 1:00-3:30pm due to the minimum day schedule, and it is a full cast music rehearsal (everyone is called). Please reference the full rehearsal calendar here and be ready to submit your final list of conflicts by Friday.


Mirror Cast / Rose Cast

BELLE…Lucia Kitching / Kayla Maire

BEAST…Besher Garcia / Joshua Thacker

GASTON…Aden Richman / Carter Norton

LEFOU…Cassy Chin / Natalie Ewing

MAURICE…Liam Coan / Joey Corea

LUMIERE…Ethan Politzer / Janmarco Flores

COGSWORTH…Jessica Wagner / Sofia Rava

MRS. POTTS…Raquel Sandoval / Eliza Ghilzai

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE…Camilla Uiterwijk / Joyana Saha

BABETTE…Iris Dobrer / Akiyla Majors

CHIP…Jodi Acuña Vicente (*will also be a villager in “Belle” and “Gaston”)

NARRATOR…Luis Rodriguez

ENCHANTRESS…Valerie Olayo-Anaya



LES FILLES DE LA VILLE…Lydia-Rose Cannon (1), Sierra Kitching (2), Tabi Oliver (3)

WOLVES / FEATURED DANCERS…Becca Rosenberg, Sev Jackson, Genna Pravdin, Eliza Ghilzai/Raquel Sandoval, Tabi Oliver, Kylie Zeldin, Riya Hariharan, Emma Billing

BAKER…Nick Brown

BOOKSELLER…Luis Rodriguez

CANDLEMAKER…Ethan Politzer/Janmarco Flores

CRONIES…Omar Lopez (1), Andre Ponce (2)

FLOWER SELLER…Isabella Christman

HAT SELLER…Genna Pravdin

LAUNDRY LADY…Joyana Saha/Camilla Uiterwijk

MAIRE…Olivia Murman

MILKMAID…Juliette Jacobson


SHEPHERD…Sev Jackson


VILLAGERS/CASTLE STAFF ENSEMBLE…Luis Rodriguez, Valerie Olayo-Anaya, Omar Lopez, Fabian Garcia, Lydia-Rose Cannon, Sierra Kitching, Tabi Oliver, Sev Jackson, Genna Pravdin, Becca Rosenberg, Juliette Jacobson, Olivia Murman, Nick Brown, Andre Ponce, Isabella Christman, Caitlin Christman