DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is the enchanting story of Belle, an independent and daring young woman, and her curious romance with the “Beast,” who is really a prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast does not learn how to love and be loved, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity. Belle’s love of reading has nurtured a strength and intellect that allows her to transcend the rigid expectations of her small provincial town. Sure, she might be a Disney princess, but she avoids assimilating to the shallow and superficial values of her society and advocates against the rampant misogyny and sexism brewing in her surroundings. If Belle is our hero, who is our villain? Who or what is responsible for the monsters that reside within our world? By focusing on Belle’s point of view, our production will explore the themes of transformation, perception, and belonging – what does it take for a person to change and how might personal transformation contribute to social change? How can we hold people who have caused harm accountable while still recognizing their potential to learn and grow? And, of course, why do we care so much about how we are perceived? Will we ever learn to not judge others (and ourselves) based on appearances? To have genuine empathy for those who are different from ourselves; to humanize the “other”? As long as we continue to grapple with questions like these, this story will remain truly timeless.

While this may be a more traditional musical on the surface, we hope to bring fresh meaning to the story and defy expectations around who is traditionally represented when it comes to those classic fairy tales. Students of any and all gender identities and expressions, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and physical and cognitive abilities are encouraged to audition. Our production will feature a large ensemble so even those with no performing experience should consider auditioning! The ensemble in this show will be very involved in the storytelling, making this a great opportunity to connect with the Drama community here and develop as a performer. This show is bursting at the seams with magic and joy; we sincerely hope you will consider being a part of it!

VOCAL AUDITIONS will take place Wed August 24 and Thur August 25 after school in Carrington Hall, with DANCE AUDITIONS on Fri August 26 from 3:45-5:30pm in Carrington Hall.

Every student is required to schedule an individual vocal audition AND attend the dance audition.

For your vocal audition, please choose ONE of the songs from the options listed below and prepare to sing the section we have provided for you. Any student may choose any of the songs (regardless of their gender identity). Please carefully review the materials linked below to learn the section you are required to sing, the characters in the show, and the steps to signing up for auditions. There will be an (optional) Audition Workshop & Info Meeting on Friday, August 19 after school beginning at 3:45pm where we will review the music for all audition songs, provide tips and advice for auditioning, and answer any questions you might have about participating in a Sequoia Drama Production. In the event that you are unavailable for auditions (but have no other significant schedule conflicts), please contact Ms. Cain about the possibility of submitting a virtual audition. If you need help deciding which song to prepare for your audition, please contact Ms. Cain and/or Mr. Jefferson.

Signing Up to Audition

Audition Song Options with Materials (choose ONE of the following)

Character Breakdown

    • Please study this character breakdown prior to your audition.

    • Remember your vocal audition also serves as your acting audition. We are very well aware that the audition song options only give opportunities to present a few of the characters in this expansive show. We encourage you to show off your acting and characterization skills as much as possible! Strive to be bold!


    • It is strongly recommended that you listen to/watch/become familiar with the show as much as you can prior to your audition. There are numerous recordings available on YouTube, such as this one. The musical score is available on Spotify or Youtube.

    • Show up a little early to your vocal audition. Wear comfortable clothing on Friday at the dance audition.

    • You may be asked to show your singing range during the audition. Try to just breathe and remember we are there to support you by seeing your potential & preparedness for certain roles in this show – NOT to judge or negatively evaluate you in any way! HAVE FUN!

CALLBACKS will take place after school (3:45pm-6:15pm) in Carrington Hall on Aug 29 & 30. Callbacks will help us determine the casting of principal roles. A callback list with materials will be posted on this website after all auditions are complete. Not everyone will be offered a callback, but you can still be cast in the show without being invited to callbacks. The final cast list will be posted by the end of the day on August 31.

REHEARSALS begin September 1 and take place Mon-Fri from 3:45-6:15pm (excluding any school holidays). Nov 17 and 18's rehearsals will extend until 6:45pm.

TECH WEEK will be Nov 28-Dec 1 from 5-10pm each evening. Thursday, December 1, there will be a teaser show during 3rd period; you will leave your 1st period class early and miss all of 3rd period.

PERFORMANCES are Dec 2 - 4 and Dec 9 - 11; Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 3pm. Call time will be 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to the start of the show. *You cannot participate in the show if you have conflicts during tech week/shows.