Sequoia High School Drama


I _____________________________ (name), as a selected member of the company/crew of this Sequoia High School Production understand that there will be many extracurricular hours of work involved in producing this play. I realize that one failing grade will result in my being placed on probation with a warning to remedy the situation within three weeks. I understand that failing grades in two subjects may result in my removal from working on the show. I fully understand that I have an obligation to myself and to everyone involved with the show to keep my grades in satisfactory shape.

Because of this fact, I have discussed with my parent(s)/guardian(s) the personal obligations I am making to the show. I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices to attend all rehearsals (which include after-school & evenings). I am aware that it is mandatory that I attend all rehearsals including all technical and dress rehearsals as well as all production nights. Three or more unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the production. I also understand that I am required to check in and check out from each rehearsal with the director, stage managers, or student director. I understand that SHS attendance policy mandates that in order to participate in any after school activity, I must be in classes on the day of the activity. Please realize that the attendance office monitors students who are in our shows who fail to show up to class on the day of an important performance or rehearsal. Any breach of this policy may jeopardize the entire show for everyone involved. Students who are too ill to come to school are considered too ill to perform as well. Habitual absenteeism reflects poorly on the entire cast and crew and damages our reputation with the faculty.

Night rehearsals and mandatory crew calls close to final production dates may extend to 10:00 PM. Because of the interdependence of the cast and crew and the necessity to have everyone on duty for the final production, I understand that if I miss rehearsals or crew calls, I may forfeit my position or role at the director’s discretion. Since my conduct reflects on the company as a whole and on the theatre department at Sequoia High School, I will at all times exhibit attitudes and behaviors which will not jeopardize the position of either. (Whenever humanly possible, students will be dismissed “on time” or earlier from scheduled rehearsals. Please bear with us if there are one or two instances where rehearsals must go over time by a few minutes.)

Missing items or damaged costumes/scripts/music will be the financial responsibility of the actor/actress, or responsible party. Full replacement costs will be assessed. Once making the commitment to join the show, student will not quit, leave or neglect his/her duties. Student will maintain average grades and attend all required rehearsals. Student and parent/guardian understand that the entire cast and crew as well as the SHS audience are depending upon student to do his/her job/part as promised..

Signed: CAST/CREW MEMBER______________________________________________

Signed: PARENT/GUARDIAN________________________________ Date: ___________

(I understand the requirements listed above, give my permission and will not remove my student from the show.) THIS FORM IS DUE TO DIRECTOR PRIOR TO THE FIFTH REHEARSAL.

If there are any questions concerning this document or the production, please feel free to contact Mr.Broome at the school.