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Your customers are online, so your business needs to be as well - you already know this, and probably already have a website, but does it bring you steady stream of new customers?

If you are like the vast majority of local Suffolk businesses we speak with here at Sent Flying, the answer is either "no", or more frequently, "I have no idea".

A website without search engine optimisation, or PPC advertising (Adwords, Facebook Ads), is nothing more than a digital business card - the only people who ever see is are those who already know about you.

Whilst this website will be providing some value as a branding asset (if its not horrible of course..), with a proper digital marketing plan, it could be so much more.

Our Digital Agency Services

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Paid Ads - PPC
  • Internet Marketing Service
  • Marketing Agency
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  • Website Designer
  • Marketing Consultant

Your position in search engines has huge impact

Your customers are lazy - they will not go through multiple pages in a google search.

In fact, according to Smart Insights, in an average search, over 30% of users will click on the 1st result.

The 10th result gets less the 2% of the traffic. The linked article doesnt look at results on page two and beyond, but i think its safe to say they are pretty much non existant.

Now if you are targeting a popular national key-phrase, with 100,000 searches a month, then 2% of the traffic is still a healthy two thousand potential customers.

However, here at Sent Flying, the majority of our clients are local businesses targeting key-phrases with a geographical modifier (eg "SEO Ipswich", "Marketing Agency Suffolk" etc).

These type of terms have a far lower search volume. A quick dig through the stats in our local seo accounts show an average search volume (for primary terms) of 480.

So if you have the 1st position in the search results, you could expect to generate 144 new business leads a month. At position 10, your could expect less than 10...

local seo statistics illustration

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