Student Handbook


General Information for Students

Introduction Non-Discrimination Disclosure Statement (see addendum) Vision, Mission, and Values Educational Philosophy and General Education Competencies (see addendum) Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Financial Aid Verification Policy and Procedures Academic Calendar Student Governance Administration and Student Support Counseling and Guidance Honor Code Graduate Awards Professional Organizations Learning Experiences Affiliate Privacy List

Student Policies

Abuse Reporting Academic Advising Academic Engagement Academic Load and Credit Hour Definition Acceptable Use of Information Resources Access to Secure Data Websites Americans with Disabilities Appeal and Formal Complaint Process for American with Disabilities Auditing Campus Safety and Security Career and Placement Services Change in Registration Status (Add/Drop/Withdrawal/Dismissal) Communication (Students) Copyright and Compliance Data Classification Policy Dress Code (Students) (see addendum) Drug Free Environment Email usage Employment (Student) Faculty Accessibility and Interaction Final Course Grade Challenge Financial Aid Formal Complaint Process (see addendum) Grading/Grades Graduation Guidance for Eligible Students to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Health and Student Responsibility Inclement Weather Information Security Information Technology Services Leave of Absence (see addendum) Professional Code of Conduct (see addendum) Readmission Records Reporting of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation Children and Adults in the Clinical Setting Rules for Testing on Campus Rules for Testing Using Proctoring Technology (NEW POLICY) Satisfactory Academic Progress and Retention (see addendum) Sexual Harassment Sexual Violence Social Media and Internet Use Status Transfer Credit Tuition, Fees, and Refunds User Account Provisioning Verification of Student Identity WIFI Terms of Use
SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH Attendance - School of Allied Health (see addendum) Clinical Evaluation - School of Allied Health

SCHOOL OF NURSING Attendance - School of Nursing Clinical Evaluation - School of Nursing Math Testing Policy Testing Policy - School of Nursing